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Cut a whole onion into 4 pieces and place it in your home to prevent illnesses

Onions are one of the maximum not unusualplace culinary ingredients, as they make meals flavor better. But, they may be additionally regarded for his or her fitness benefits, which save you many illnesses. This vegetable is the best herbal treatment with regards to treating the flu, cold, coughs, and respiration infections. Chinese and Ayurvedic medicinal drug were the use of onions as a part of their treatments for hundreds of years now.

The World Health Organization has diagnosed the dietary cost of onions. You in all likelihood didn’t understand this, however setting onion slices across the residence or subsequent in your mattress at night, cleanses the air and stops germs and allergens from the air from getting into your body.

Onions incorporate sulfuric compounds, which incorporates sulfoxides and thiosulfinates, which might be powerful compounds. They shield your coronary heart fitness and decorate your immune system. The powerful antioxidant quarcetin, located in onions, save you loose radicals damage.

Natural flu treatment - Recipe Onion soup:


three huge yellow onions

1/four cup of chopped oregano

four cups of water

three garlic cloves

Himalayan salt

How to put together it?

First, boil the water. Then, upload the oregano. Dice the garlic and the onion. Add them to the boiled water. Leave them to simmer for 15 minutes. The onion must be smooth enough. As you begin consuming it, you may start to sweat.

Onion flu treatment:

Do this remedy earlier than going to mattress. Cut the onions into slices and located them at the feet. Now, placed on cotton socks. Leave them like that in the night. The subsequent morning, eliminate the slices. Repeat the remedy to therapy this circumstance completely.


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