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He cooked pap and pork trotters for lunch but people could not stop but notice this instead.

A guy recently had a lot of people talking after sharing what they had cooked for lunch but people couldn't stop but notice something next to the food instead. He posted the tray of food on Twitter and said "Today we cooked pork legs." See the post he made on Twitter down below. As you can see from the picture he posted, they prepared pork trotters and pap. The food looks mouth watering but people couldn't stop but notice the foot that was next to the food that definitely ruined the entire presentation. Someone commented and said "The presentation is not bad but the legs on the side. Horrible." Another person commented and said "Looks nice but the foot next to it ruined everything. It's not the first time I'm seeing it. Is this ur chef's foot?." See some of the other comments people left under the post down below.

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