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" What are you eating mara" A lady turn into laughing stock after posting her meal

When it comes to sharing food, or what individuals consume on a regular basis, social media has become a thing. A lady shares the food she ate for morning, but people appear to be perplexed by the meal; the food appears to be unfit for a breakfast. There was no bread or cereal, which are typically associated with breakfast. The public did not approve of the way the fish was prepared; everything appeared to be out of order.

Rather than that, people crave her cuisine but reject it, claiming that the person selling it needs to do a better job the next time. She or he may lose consumers the next time. By all accounts, the Twitter user did not prepare the food. Please do not forget to offer your own thoughts on this subject, as well as to like and comment on this article.

Breakfast is frequently referred to as the'most important meal of the day,' and with reason. Breakfast, as the name implies, breaks the overnight fast. It replaces your glucose supply, so increasing your energy and alertness, while also supplying other vital nutrients necessary for excellent health.


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