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Find out which melon you should eat


Is a must at every summer and if you have tasted it before it should be no mystery why. To choose a ripe melon at the store or farmers market, look for a watermelon that is deep green in color with a cream colored ground spot. Pick it up and give the ground spot a hard tap if it sounds deep and hollow, it’s ready to eat.


Has a firmer less mealy texture, people love serving it with different charcuterie meats and proteins because it holds its shape and is not as watery. They are at peak deliciousness come late spring. Look for cantaloupes that are tan with light green lines on the outside and free of soft spots.


The melon is thought to have originated in the middle east, the honeydew is known for being a less-sweet cousin of the cantaloupe. Honeydew melons typically retain the musky, fragrant flavors of other muskmelons, but they possess a slightly subdued flavor.

Winter melon

Harvested mostly during the summer. Gets its name for its long shelf life, due to its durable waxy skin. Since its flavor is very mild, its often used like a vegetable, stir-fries and stews. It’s also popular to candy or preserve it, hence its also used in pickling's.


The casaba melon is known for being extremely juicy, sweet, and at times, these melons can be recognized by their distinct, wrinkled skin. Originally from Persia, the casaba melon was imported to the United States from Kasaba, Turkey.


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