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"If you drink that soup don't go out, stay home and detox the whole night." One suggests

In the Zulu culture, only men eat inhloko, did you know that the symbolism behind this is that men are the heads of the homestead. The honour and privilege of consuming inhloko is reserved for them. 

The meal slaps real hard if it's going with some nice hot spices and a plate of uphutu. The dish has become a favourite South Africa cuisine that can be enjoyed by anyone almost anywhere in South Africa.

The meal recently drew attention on social media after someone posted this.👇🏾

A lot of tweeps responded to the post by sharing their experiences on how much they enjoyed the meal. Others were much fascinated by the cup of soup that was going with the meal and most of them suggested that the soup would keep one's stomach upset.

I personally love the meal especially the soup and l have never experienced an upset tummy after drinking it. I guess it all depends on how the meal has been made.

I must say this is really a nice meal especially when you go out with the gents having a few drinks.

What is your experience with the meal?

We are dying to hear your thoughts on this one and please don't forget to like us and share us, check out what others had to say on Twitter about this matter.

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