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'Thanks to the price of Electricity and Cooking Oil, Chicken is now R105' Mzansi Can Not Believe it

Date: 22/08/09


'Thanks to the price of Electricity and Cooking oil, Chicken is now R105' Mzansi Can Not Believe this

We are facing the biggest difficulties in South Africa. Life is no longer easy for poor people because things are now expensive.

Things are becoming expensive every day and if you are not working you are going to face problems. Life is no longer good crimes are increasing and is no longer safe for those who are going to work walking, because they get robbed and if it's a woman they might also rape her.

A Guy posted the picture of the chicken price then he said thanks to the price of electricity and petrol now the chicken is R105. One chicken is R105 and it's because of the higher price of Electricity, Petrol and Cooking Oil. Lots of people don't believe it. They left lots of comments saying the chicken is very expensive.

Others said this is not fair because most of the people don't work and things are going high, how will they but them. Here are some of their comments.


If they don't fix this problems then we will end up not using those things again with lead us to back to where life was just simple, no electricity, cars and others things.

What do you think about this?

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