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2 WEIRD Foods Eaten In Zimbabwe

Although most African dishes have been influenced by western culture, there are still some countries that consume foods that are popular in their regions.

Zimbabwe is one of these countries, that have managed to preserve their traditional and local dishes.

Preparation of these foods can vary from place to place.


(cooked Kapenta)

Populary known as Matemba in Zimbabwe. They are originally from Tanzania and were introduced to Zimbabwe through the Kariba dam.

(dried, uncooked kapenta)

This resembles tiny fish but they have in fact grown to their full size. This dish is often served with pap known as "Sadza" in Zimbabwe. It is prepared by Simply frying them in some oil or by adding some onion and tomato.

2. Yellow Watermelon with Sun-Dried Maize – Umxhanxa

This is a dish that certain people like, is made from boiling sun dried maize kernels and adding yellow melon to the boil. And letting everything simmer, it has a slightly sweet taste.

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