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"He Must Be Arrested" Mzansi React To Tito Mboweni's Latest Cooking Disaster

Date: 24/01/22



It has been a while since Tito Mboweni retired from politics. It seems as soon as he did this, he picked the career of becoming a very active user of social media, especially Twitter. He has been posting on a daily and one of the things that make it to his timeline is his cooking. People are always appalled by it but the latest blunder from the former finance minister take the cup. He even had people certifying it as illegal.


The whole thing started with a few pictures posted below. He even captioned the picture with scripture that meant people must have faith in his cooking, but right there and then, people were not happy with the amount of water he poured in the pot. He was attempting to cook lamp stew.



Many people thought that there wouldn't be much trouble cooking lamb stew but the former finance minister proved why he was only good with numbers. The whole process was rushed and the end product was a mess, he even admitted to the fact that the food did not come out ok. The worst thing of all this is the fact that he put in whole tomatoes.




The former minister definitely needs to switch hobbies. He must try gardening or something because the food is going to waste. Some believe that he is doing all this on purpose just for the laughs and giggles, but Tito Mboweni is an old man, I believe he's been rich his whole life he never had to learn how to cook and now he is definitely getting exposed.

Below are the replies from people:



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