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"The lunch was cooked for my husband and he loved it." A lady leaves Mzansi blown away.

Morogo or Moroho, also known as African spinach, refers to a group of at least three different dark green leafy vegetables found throughout Southern Africa [cowpea, vegetable amaranth, or spider flower] and harvested for human consumption.Morogo is overrated in South Africa; it's mostly enjoyed with porridge. These two get along well together. A lady surprised many people after she shared a picture of Morogo with porridge. People could not hold themselves back from jumping into the comment section, saying this food remains at home.If you are someone who grown in the village, you know that this kind food most elderly people enjoying eating in the village. It is known that this kind food more health than junk food. You also someone who eat this kind of meal, share why you like it more than other food. The beatiful this about this food you don't have to buy it. Don't forget to like and comment on this article




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African Morogo Moroho Mzansi


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