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Opinion| as we celebrate heritage day, what do you call these food in your home language?

As we are celebrating heritage day, please share the names of the following food in your home language.

Our four fathers left us with knowledge of many things and we don't have to keep it to ourselves. This day our youth lack more knowledge about our heritage because we have adapted to modern life and we no longer embrace our culture.

Back then our grandparents used to go to the farm and plant some crops, our grandparents were able to survive without modern things. Even if is not proven but we both know that people were living long back there, they were able to reach 100 years upwards. Nowadays it is very difficult for a person to reach 90 years still strong.

Almost half of our youth now are living with different diseases, some are using eye classes because they can't see. In the olden days, there were no such and our grandparents were having almost a cure for all diseases using plants.

Yes, life back there was boring because there was no technology, things like television, computers, and cellphones they were not there and it was difficult for them to communicate or deliver the message. But the most important thing they had was life. Nowadays we have all those things, it takes only a second to deliver a message to someone who is 500 kilometers away from you, but we lack the gift of life.

These kinds of foods were cooked by our grandparents in the olden days while celebrating their heritage, old people were creative in their way because they were able to make build houses with their own bare hands.

Our beloved Africans, let's teach our children their heritage so that they can know where they come from. Let's cook such food for them and show them our culture.

Please share with us the names of those foods and teach us other those we don't know. We will appreciate it if you use your home language. Drop your comments below and don't forget to share and like. Follow us for more information. Thank you.

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