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JUST IN: KONKA Soweto Goes Viral After Big Spenders Purchased Alcohol Worth Over R192 000.


04 October 2021

Report by T Ximba

While other people take about 30 days working for 8 hours a day and 5 to 6 days per week, others are capable of spending R100 000 within a few hours. People are left in shock after a group of friends purchased 16 bottles of Dom Perignon at KONKA. Unbelievable!

KONKA is an annual festival hosted is an annual event hosted by the Sowetan citizen called Kutlwano Pits. The event is open to everyone with rags or a lot of money if we can put it as different events have different targets.

The social media users have been left in shock after a group of friends bought 16 bottles of alcohol worth R192 000. Each bottle cost R14 000.

Watch the video here:

Below is the menu at KONKA

Even though others appreciate that the spenders are boosting the economy, others questioned whether it was really worth it to spend that much alcohol.

Alcohol serves only one purpose, everyone who drinks does so to enjoy and have fun. Others of course use it as a mechanism to cope with stress. Looking at the quantity of the champagnes you can deduce that no one would finish all the 16 bottles in one night.

South Africa was under siege just in July as citizens were looting. One of the reasons why people took things far was that people were suffering from food insecurity. Having people spend over R192K in one night is a concern. How about forming a scheme to help unemployed people get employed or a program that will make a profit while helping the community as well?

Even though these are questions one may ask themselves, some social media users believe the spenders are successful people and therefore should spend on whatever they want which is also true.

One user believe that success should not be seen as affordability to buy expensive alcohol.

Please leave your comment on what you think about KONKA spenders.

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