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17 South African Foods You Must Eat

South Africa is in southern Africa. It has Africa's largest economy and is a popular tourist destination due to its distinct cultural history and wildlife. Underappreciated is its gastronomic variety.

SA Foods

South Africa's cuisine is influenced by Portuguese Indians and the Dutch. Here are 10 South African dishes you must taste before you die.

Boerewors 1. Pap

Boerewors is one of the 10 must-try South African meals. Afrikaans make spicy farm-made sausages that can be considered African sausages. The sheep, beef, and pig sausage is seasoned with thyme, fennel, coriander, cloves, mint, ginger, and red wine. South Africans love boerewors.

South African boerewors


South Africa's national dish. Mild Malaysian curry with almonds, meat, sultanas, and egg custard. Bobotie is eaten with pilaf rice and sambal, a spicy sauce composed of tomatoes, bananas, almonds, chutney, and coconut. Bobotie types may differ from those listed. In South Africa, ask for bobotie and you'll be satisfied. Sure.

3.Vegetarian Karoo Bobotie

Bunny chow is a Durban-inspired dish. It's a stuffed, hollowed-out half-loaf. Bunny chow can be vegetarian or include curried lamb, chicken, or beef.

South African bunny-chow


South African Afrikaners love this dish. Deep-frying veggies with butter and sugar makes koeksisters.


This is a popular South African and African meal. Pap is ground corn similar to grits in the US. Ground maize is frequently blended with hot water and stirred to make a thick paste. Slap pap is less dense and fluid, stywe pap is denser and more popular, and phutu pap is crumbly and dense. Pap is frequently served with a stew.

Waterblommetjie bread

Waterblommetjie is a lily stew. Small water flower stew in Afrikaans. This stew is seasoned to complement pap and is considered the ultimate pairing. South Africa's staple cuisine is waterblommetjie.



Mashonzha is on a list of ten South African dishes to try before you die. Mashonzha contains non-poisonous, caterpillar-like mopane worms. Usually fried or grilled in South African markets. Peanut or chili sauce enhances their flavor.



Locals also enjoy Frikkadels. Frikkadels are a hybrid between a mini-burger and a meatball. They're normally considered snacks, however they can be full courses. This traditional Afrikaner dinner is made with bread, onion, bread, vinegar, and other spices, with baked or deep-fried meatballs. Coriander and nutmeg are frequent seasonings.



Droewors is a spicy, meatless version of boerewors. They're sundried like biltong and have a longer shelf life than boerewors.



Vegans, sorry, but South Africa loves meat and braai. "Braai" is open-fire meat grilling. Braai is considered an art form by many, especially white South Africans. The food looks excellent and tastes great. Try South Africa's grilled steak.


Tomato Bredie

South Africans and tourists love tomato bredie. Your guess is correct; "bredie" is Afrikaans for "stew." South Africans love tomato bredie. Mutton is cooked with cinnamon, ginger, cardamom, cloves, and other spices. Making tomato bredie with a tiny amount of liquid concentrates the taste.



Take little bites. So delicious! This South African dish uses dried meat. Cattle, game meats, and ostrich fillets are cut commercially. Biltongs are usually eaten as snacks but can be added to meals. Biltong is delicious.


Chicken curry potjie

South Africa has many tasty curry dishes, like chicken curry potjie. Potjie, which is Afrikaans for pot, is mostly curried chicken.



Chakalaka is great with bread or pap to cut the heat. Depending on area and culture, South Africans make chakalaka in many ways. Chakalaka is an onion, tomato, and bean relish. Bite a chakalaka tree.



Sosaties is a traditional South African dish made with mutton, dried apricots, onions, and peppers. As I've said, meats rule.

Mealie Soup

South Africans make mealie with corn, tomatoes, and cayenne pepper. Mealie soup is good with bread or alone. You'll love this creamy, mildly flavored corn dish. Tomatoes' acidity balances corn's sweetness. Mealie is a great alternative to meat-heavy meals.


Mogodu, Mala

Mala mogodu has spread throughout South Africa. This winter dish combines tripe and hot pap.


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