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Here Is A List Of Food Items That Are Cheaper To Purchase At The Shops

Here Is A List Of Food Items That Becoming Are Cheaper To Purchase At Shops. Food prices are dropping, which will make it much easier for many South African to stretch their money.

These are the food items that it will soon be cheaper to put in your shopping basket -

• Frozen chicken portions

• Gizzards

• Chicken livers

• Beef liver

• Wors

• Maizemeal

• Cabbage

• Sugar beans

• Margarine

• Canned beans

• Rice

The decrease in these food items is caused by the declining prices for global commodities such as oil and grain.

But civic organizations believe that even though the food basket is becoming cheaper, it does not mean South Africans will soon have more access to food. They argue food prices should not be taken in isolation, there are still other costs that have gone up and making it hard for people to buy food. These include the cost of electricity, taxi fares, municipalities tariffs, and paying debts. Those still take a lot out of many people's wallets

Do you find that these food items are cheaper? Please share your view.


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