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Ladies, stop doing this to your cookies, instead try this : OPINION.

This information below is based on my very own opinion and research, please be sure to do your own research before doing any of the following.

Hi and welcome to another one of my useful short articles about what ladies should stop doing on their cookies and start doing the right healthy things.

Below are the pictures of what ladies should stop using, the first one below are liners, this has been said by a lot of doctors to different women out there, liners are not an every day thing so stop using them daily. By stoping that you increase your chances of having a clean good smelling cookie without yeast infection and some discharge.

The second thing you should stop doing is putting alum inside your cookie, putting it inside makes wounds, serious wounds that can lead you to hospital. Instead put the alum inside water, wait for it to dissolve and then wash it off. That will make it clean, tight and free from yeast infection and thick discharge. You can also wash it with salt mixed with cold water as you can see in the picture below, that is the healthiest hack you will ever know, it is great for fighting all the diseases down there.Drinking water is one of the best way to stop all the things that harm your cookie, drink water and rinse with it, simple as that.

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