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THlS is Why People Shouldn't Cook Drunk. Just Put The Pots Down

When you're drunk every single thing you do or think of - no matter how stupid or dangerous it is - seems like a great idea, and you never doubt yourself for a second because your drunk self is very confident and sure that all of his actions are perfectly planned. After sobering up and realizing that you have made a huge mess that you don't even remember doing, you start cleaning up what needs to be cleaned and just fixing every single mistake you have made. And one of those things can be something you tried to cook, which is one the biggest disasters you can cause while you're hammered.

1. Drunk roommate shaming

2. I can't even explain this one even if I try.

3. That doesn't look appealing at all

4. When you want to eat and brush your teeth at the same time

5. This is creeping me out

6. What the hell is that liquid at the bottom

7.At least it's creative

8. Eggs and noodles, yummy

9. I wonder how it smells

10. This person should be banned from all the kitchens on this planet

11. Burnt Pizza is the best

12. You have hit a new low dude

13. Extremely crispy

14. When you're drunk but also broke

15. What a disaster

16. This company exclusively hires drunks

17. You should start a cooking show dude

Pleated-jeansWhat's worse than cooking while drunk? Probably clubbing while drunk! While it's the trendy thing to do, you might just end up in a drunken club fail compilation if you're not careful.

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