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Savannah on the verge of being out of stock this festive season, because of this

Savannah lovers left heartbroken after being told that, there is a high possibility of Savannah shortage this coming December in South Africa.


Several liquor stores in Gauteng and Limpopo have told their customers that there will be a shortage of all Savannah ciders variants. With spar liquor outlet in Midwater in KwaZulu-Natal indicated that the shortage could last for four to six months.

Savannah companies are currently facing some inside issues that are unable to produce more liquor for their customers, no one knows if they will be able to bounce back or is the end of their road like this.

One tavern owner based in Tembisa said that he had ordered 10 cases of the cider, but only four cases have arrived in the space of the month with reluctant promises of another delivery. In his statement, he mentioned how much his customers love Savannah, more especially girls, and without Savannah means there will be no girls in his shop. No girls mean there will be fewer guys because most of them come with their girlfriends while others come to see them.

Tavern owner at Tembisa got the information from Distell company, they didn't tell what the problem is, but they confirmed the shortage of Savannah ciders this coming festive season. People are advised to go to liquor stores having alternatives to avoid disappointment.

However, many guys are celebrating the shortage of all Savannah ciders, they see this as an opportunity to start drinking their money with peace in taverns with no girl interrupting them. Others show disappointment since they enjoy the company of girls at taverns.

Past few months Savannah was on-trend, this came after one girl decided to put it on her head and dance with it, the trend went viral and it boosted Savannah's company.

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