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"Before I eat this, I would make sure I haven't eaten for a week" Mzansi reacts to this massive meal

A guy recently caused a commotion on twitter after asking people weather they would eat this combination of food or not. As most people are aware we are currently living in a world where things are constantly changing. It being how we live, do things and the food we eat. It seems there's always something new, bigger and better than what we already been introduced to in terms of food. In a recent post people were left with mixed feelings. This was because of a combination of two different food items made into a single big meal. The meal consisted of a large burger and pizza. Some people were amazed at how much creativity took place when it came to preparing this particular combo. Others mentioned how uncomfortable this made them feel as it didn't look healthy at all. As most people are aware that junk food such as pizza and burgers can result in possible health issues in a long run. Hence it is important to consume such in moderate quantity. See more of people's reactions down below;

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