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"I pray for this a burger more than I pray for myself", he said showing expensive plate online


Food is what brings people together while some people done to drink alcohol. Majority dine to eat junk food for fun. A young man on social media shared how happy he was after buying himself a giant burger he has never eaten before. His tweet left people laughing after they realize that no man will find it easy to let go of such a giant Burger.

Looking at his plate he wrote " I pray for this burger more than I pray for myself". Speaking the truth in public that he cannot hold his breath any longer. The burger lookedore delicious thank any other food he has eaten before. When one has money to spend it is important to try something new.

People are spending their money wisely, why not try this. Any little money you get, No enjoyment don't worry about the future. Have fun with your last penny life comes once better enjoy today than tomorrow.

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