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Black Excellence: A Lady Named Her Wine Brand After Her Mother's Name "Siwela". See Here

My mom drinking the wine I made and named after her. Her personality comes forth in each of these wines, I have never seen anyone so selfless, daring and so strong.

South African inspired by what is this man did because we are celebrating our women's month and this is something that worth celebration women play a very important role in society not only by raising children by also making sure that they are able to reach our dreams.

it is not simple to raise a child but I rather make sure that even if they call me it is not moving well but at time of the day because our mother always want to see us will do the level best.

A man has name this one brand his mother's name "Siwela" this is a very inspiring story and many young people who are interested in becoming intrapreneur can learn a lot of things from this man because people must appreciate their own mother.

Especially when they are still alive it is very nice and inspiring to see young people respecting and honouring their own mother when they're still alive and showing them now because it does not take us anywhere to only appreciate our mother when they are no more.

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Buying a couple of bottles for Thursday wine cheese session with the girls! What a beautiful story.

South Africans seem to have a lot super hero mums and grandmas.

The other day - Trevor Noah also spoke very nicely of his grandma and how much she did for all the family.

God bless all dem Mama Africa!.

I remember Chris Rock saying you can be proud to be a single mom as much as you want but there's nothing as powerful as " I am gonna tell your dad", in the same breath there's nothing as powerful as hearing your mom telling people "ngwanaka o etsa wine"


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