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A south African man Shows his creativity with a Japanese food.

A man took to his Twitter account to share his creative work. Some people are born with talent, and this young man is one of them. His culinary creativity is out of this world. He shared a few different types of sushi that he made with the simple phrase "my hand's work," which suggests he did not use a machine or buy it somewhere, but rather crafted it by hand. There is no doubt that this individual will advance in his job because the future is brimming with opportunities. The fact that he pursued another patch that most black people will not choose because sushi was not invented in South Africa but in Japan, so it is still impossible to expect this dish, especially in rural areas, although it is overrated in posh restaurants.

little balls or rolls of vinegar-flavored cold rice served with a garnish of veggies, egg, or raw seafood


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African Japanese


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