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Let us not forget the food that goes with our heritage as Africans, Happy Heritage day: Opinion

When we grew up, we used to eat different kind of all insects and those insects were even encouraged by the other health professionals, that they are good for our bodies, people need to eat them. I think the reason that they will encourage people to eat these things, it is because they are natural products. They've got natural nutrients and the other kind of foods that define what is it to be an African. The other kind of foods that define how the African people lives.

Here is that kind of food that portrays our lifestyle to the other worlds out there. We need to be proud of everything that says African about us. Our dressing attire, our food our women or men, our animals and our way of interacting with each other. It is a very sad thing and very unfortunate that Africans have now endorsed the western way of doing things, and we are losing our values as a African people, and at a day like this in a heritage day, it is when we have to remind ourselves of who we are. It is when we have to remind ourselves of where we come from. It is where we have to revisit the importance of our identity and redefine ourselves.

Also trying to correct the errors that we have made, where did we lose it as the African? Which generation miss it? What did we do as an older generation to make our newer generation lose interest over our way of doing things because, we just don't have to blame one generation for the kind of all the things that are happening, or for any European style endorsement over our culture.

We have also played a part, our older people were told that success is to wear a suit and go to the office, that is a western-style, our older generations were told that to be a pastor you have it to wear a white collar and that also a western-style. So our older generations are the ones that begin to admire westerns, are the ones that allowed themselves to be brainwashed by westerns.

When the new generation came in, they have taken it to the extreme. They've now taken it too far, that the African culture is nowhere to be found in them. When they speak they speak in English, when they wear, they wear english-style, when they interact with each other it is all an english-style.

When they decorate their houses, it is english-style. There is nothing that you can find in their house is African, except their skin colour. Even that skin colour, you can see that they are going out of their way to bleach it, so that they may look even lighter. So all these things they have a discouraged our African way, we are African people and now it looks like we worship the superiority of English styles. It looks like we have a low self-esteem, we don't see the value of who we are, the value of our own style, and by so doing we are promoting other people's cultures, when we are looking down on our own.

It is that time where we need the revival in our African culture, so that even the generations that are coming may know who we are as African people.

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