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Cooking is not for women only: Opinion

Dinner is ready!

Dear Young men, cooking is not a woman’s job.

It is a human pursuit that our male ancestors have been doing for centuries.

Mazondo were not cooked by women, it was men who cooked them.

My dad who was born in 1920 used to cook for my mum.

Explore and learn!❤️My grandfather cooked for us every Sunday 😍😍😍... He was good at it! My husband is an amazing cook... Probably cooks better than me but we don't tell him that...

Nice food 😋. Women are just human beings like men. Thank God my hubby cooks for us a lot over here 😋

What exactly is a man"s job especially in our generation?They dont cook, they dont clean the house, they dont mow the lawn but just sit and get big stomachs mostly and get hypertension and diabetes.That cooking is my kind of style.Shred shred and let your teeth do the rest.Well done.

I encouraged my son..(. now 28) to cook from a very young age.. Now he cooks better than me!

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