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Have You Been Throwing Away Potato Peels? Do not Anymore, See their benefits

Stunt on the most proficient method to re utilize the potato strips as opposed to discarding them .

Many individuals never Knew that you can really eat potato strips , either fry them or cook them .

A youn woman showed South Africans that they shouldn't toss the potatoes any longer and use them all things being equal. She gives most ideal ways to utilize them , make them feast really .

" Soak them in cool water for the time being to mellow them and accordingly add salt , a touch of sugar and lemon juice leave the blend under sweltering sun for 6 hours for the water to dissipate .. After the water has dissipated envelop the strips by a dark water/air proof polythene pack and sit tight for ten minutes...." says @Corazonkwamboks .

This truly stunned socializers as they have never known about such , many clarified that they are utilized to discard them .

" Nna jaanong my potatoes strips gets planted , I have really reaped potatoes from my nursery which were planted with potatoe strips " @Keatlaretsemah2


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