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South Africans Not Happy About The Price Of Choice Assorted Biscuits From Pick n Pay.

It is that time of the year again where our major supermarkets are ready to be on Christmas mode. In a week or so from today the will Christmas decoration all across the country in our supermarkets.

Products like jelly, custard and sliced peaches in syrup will be in the frontline for the next coming weeks. One particular product that most families will have in their house household on Christmas is the Choice Assorted Biscuit.

Pick'n Pay didn't waste time and has a display on them already, but South African weren't so happy with the price of their favorite biscuit.

The price was R259 for them for a 1kg box and the country is not happy about those prices. Just last year the where only R120 and the price just doubled in 12 months by 140%. Those prices are insane.

These shop know it will be a must have product and they are rising their prices because they know that they will be in demand. South Africans vowed that they will not be spending such money. Clearly this year there won't be any Choice Assorted Biscuit in most families in and around South Africa.

These Are The reactions Of The people.

We are being exploited in our own country, during the peak of the pandemic in South Africa a box of ginger weighing 10kg was R200.

Then ginger was in demand as they claimed it killed any covid-19 related illness, and then 1kg was R279 to R350 in a split of time.

We are bound to suffer more and more because prices are sky rocketing by the day. It's worse now because of the pandemic, people lost their jobs and some are finding it hard to find jobs. The food prices hike up. Two litre of Sunflower oil was R30 in 2019 and today it is twice the price. Times are really tough in South African.

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