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Mogodu "tribe" and Kasi flavored meals


Samp butternu with creamy spinach.

Here in South Africa, most of the things on a cow are turned into nice delicious meals, such as tribe "Mogodu" in one out South Africa language for an example cow heels too. But we are not dishing out cow heals meals today.

Chicken intestines

Chicken feet with pap

Intestines of a chicken are very delicious, these meals are commonly found in the Kasi's if you want simple meals and when you want to see that ISishebo can come from anything in the Kasi Visit the smallest townships And learn their food culture.


Samp and brown beans with chicken

Samp with brown beans with cabbage plus chicken. Only missing ingredients is archer on this meal the best combination. This is what most people grew up eating. It is not a shame but to eat such food.


Creamy spinach, chicken with beetroot and butternut

Good food that we found in the kasi and it's not like people from the kasi only eat cow heels only and tribes no! It's is not like that they eat modern food too, it's just that they prefer to keep their culture in food.

Over cooked rice with mix vegetables, chicken green salad, chakalaka spinach and mash.

Pork stew, rice, coslo, butternut and mash potatoes.

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Kasi Mogodu South Africa


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