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In Shock| Tastiest but healthiest food items you should know about

My school food, particularly an item known as the “Daily Bowl” that I eat almost everyday

Let me explain why I think its simply the best and how I’ve been eating it almost everyday for 3 years now. For starters, the flavours never get repetitive, I personally cannot recall an instance where I was disappointed in the taste of the food.

1 Base (Pasta with olive oil, Jasmine rice, or Salad.)
2 Sides (Sautéed broccoli with carrots, Grilled potatoes, Mini hashbrowns, Mushrooms, Eggs with tomato, Okra with bell-peppers, Fried eggs, Onsen eggs, Tofu, Eggplant, Egg mayo, Roasted pumpkin, Coleslaw.)
1 Meat (Herb roasted chicken, Salmon, Pork sausage.)
1 Sauce (Honey mustard, Teriyaki, Tomato, Miso, Sesame, Olive oil.)
and also sesame seeds if you fancy.

Forgive me if I forgot anything, I will be sure to add them on to the list the next time I go back to school.

Everything on this list is prepared fresh daily, the option of a salad base or even pasta is really what makes this suitable for a low-carb diet.

Everything on the menu is seasoned to perfection, rarely is anything bland, every side has at least 3 different ingredients, I guess that’s a benefit of cooking in bulk.

Not to mention that since this is being sold in a school I suppose that it has to be healthy and cheap to a certain extent for students.

Thanks for reading my article

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Daily Bowl


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