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If you want to eat this, never mind how do they look like before they are fried: Opinion

Africans are people that are known to promote nature, most of the things that Africans do, they come from nature some of the food came from the mountains, they can get food from water, they can get food from underground, they can get food from trees, they can get food from the rocks. It is how our African live, this shows that Africa had a way of living before their world civilized.

It is through civilization that we had to do away with some of our ways of living, because the civilization came with a lot of advantages and a lot of disadvantages. If you can look at the generation that was eating natural food, they were leaving long. Some of our ancestors have lived up to 180 years because, whatever they eat, whatever they drink, it was all coming from nature. Right now you can see that we are not living long as they used to live. People are now introduced to the cooking oil, yet our ancestors were just cooking things with the water, in most of the times they would rost food with fire, no oil.

They used to cook with firewood not electrical components or any heat from the gas. Now with the coming of civilization things were made simple, easy and fast, but the life expectancy has gone down. Scientists are arguing that life expectancy has gone down because of sexual activities.

There are no people that would engage in sex like the people of the olden days, that is why they would have children more than 10, because there were strong in that area. So they will still live a long life even if they were engaging in a sexual activities.

Nowadays things bave become fast, simple but we are dying young. Fast and simple life has reduced our life expectancy. I do think that when we allowed civilization to replace our cultural and natural practices, that is when we lost our values as Africans. If we can only go back to that time where we would eat pap that is made out of the mealie-meal grinded by your our own hands. Where we had our ways of refrigeration.

It looks like most of these electrical components that came with civilizations, have serious side effects to our healthy. Now it has become common for our people to die of high blood pressure, heart attack, obesity, arthritis, ulcers, diabetes, STDs and so much more. The reason is, there is a certain percentage of poison that came with civilization, that we did not see, that is making us to die young.

You look at coke and other forms of energy drinks, they all carry a certain poison that can be dangerous to the kidney. Our old people knew what they have to do and what they have to eat when they want to be strong, and it was all natural. May we find the strength to try and restore our love for natural products.

When you promote natural products, you also promote yourself. You also promote your life, don't allow civilization to make you a lazy person, to make you a robot, that everything that is done is through a machine. Artificial means, genetically modified foods and so on. Make use of civilization, but don't forget natural products, they are good for you, thank you

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The Palm worm is an edible insect living mainly within the crown of palm tree.

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