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TRENDING: Woolworths introduces Fish Wors

We all know that Woolworths is one of the most trusted quality and organic food brands in South Africa. 

 However, something is felling a bit "fishy" downstairs at Woolies. When their first "seafood sausage" hit the market last week, they nearly broke social media, and in the days that followed, two similar products hit the market. 

Hake wors'? There's something fishy about Woolies' new seafood sausage -  The Citizen It gets worse, Woolies launches TWO MORE 'fish sausages' 

 From hake sausage to haddock and trout 

 Woolworths has confirmed that both CHEESE AND SWEET SAUSAGES and TROUT SAUSAGES (see image above) are also available in store and online. The hake version, which has absorbed most of the outrage, also remains on sale, rounding out dealers' range of fish-wrapped breasts. It gets wors: Woolies bring out TWO MORE ‘fish sausages’

 Where do we start? Well, the cheese and haddock brand is made from sustainably sourced fish, with peppers and chives in good measure. Ethically produced trout sausage is packed with complementary herbs. Both come in packs of eight weighing 400 grams 

 Fish sausages are on the shelves at Woolies 

 All three named sausages are halal compliant and have between 500 and 800 kJ per 100g. Each product sells for R99 and get R40 off your bill when you buy two of these seafood sausages, more than 20% off the original price. DAS leaves a good taste in your mouth ... 

 This is the hake that sparked a massive online debate last week, but are you going to give it a try? - Photo: Woolworths Online 

 Here is South Africans reacted to the Woolies and their Fish wors, with the arrival of the summer season, the 'fishwors' could be the unlikely addition to your next braai. Last but not least, it is a topic of conversation, and two camps are already developing between those who are interested ... and those who are not

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