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"We Cooked Hardbody Chicken for our visitors." A guy posted and had everyone talking. See comments.

The African hard chicken is gotten from fowls or old range chicken; they are usually chewy and hard, because the chicken lives longer than the regular chicken. With that said a guy on Twitter who makes bricks recently left many people speechless after showing off what they were having for lunch. He posted the food and said "We Cooked Hardbody Chicken for our visitors." See the post he made on social media down below.

As you can see from the picture they were having pap, hardbody chicken stew with atchar and spinach. People commented under the post and had a lot of things to say. Someone commented and said "I know I'm nobody but I'm visiting soon noways." Another person commented and said "Can I join you for tomorrow meal? Your food is mouth watering." See some of the other comments people left under the post down below.

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