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5 Foods you should limit their intake if you have ulcer.

1. Caffeine

Your consumption of caffeinated beverages, including coffee, tea, and soda, should be decreased. They have the potential to stimulate an increase in gastric acid production.

2. Milk

Milk was once regarded as a cure for ulcers; however, recent research has shown that it actually causes an increase in the amount of acid produced in the stomach. It is recommended to keep consumption to a minimum.

3. Specific cuts of meat

Reduce your consumption of meats that are heavily seasoned, lunch meats, sausages, as well as fried or fatty meats and proteins.

4. Foods with a strong spiciness

You may wish to avoid anything that is "hot," such as chilli peppers, horseradish, black pepper, sauces and condiments that include them.

5. Foods high in salt

Olives and other brined or fermented vegetables are high in salt and have been linked to an increased risk of H. pylori ulcers. Researchers have found that salty foods may encourage the growth of H. pylori.

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