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Here are the impressive benefits of Kalonji seed which is nigella seeds

NIGELLA SEEDS is known as black cumin or some called it Kalonji seed which belongs to buttercup family of flowering plant.

Commonly found in any good spice shops and has been used for centuries for various reasons such as a flavorful in may cuisine.

1. Adding a teaspoon of it in your regular bath and wash as usual (suitable for children) which means you can use it to your children.

2. Add a pinch on hot coal it chases away evil entities & nightmares

3. Using Nigella seeds or Kalonji can protect you against disease.

4. Nigella seeds could help to protect your liver from get injury and damage liver is an incredibly important organ.

It removes toxins, metabolizes drugs, processes nutrients and produces proteins and chemicals that are crucial to health.

5. Using Nigella seeds could help you from stomach lining against the formation of stomach ulcers since we know that.

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Kalonji Nigella


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