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December meal ideas with chef Nthabi

The self-taught chef shares a lot of inexpensive, simple and delicious South African flavoured recipes. The chef is also a caterer running a catering business for herself and she's always booked on weekends for different types of events.

Her meal ideas cater for different taste buds and different craving. On this article I compiled a list of meals suitable for simple eating, snacking and sophisticated eating in no particular order.

1. This pap, tomato gravy and ox liver dish.

This meal is perfect for kids and adults. It's inexpensive and filling. Food doesn't need to be extravagant 24/7 sometimes a simple meal like this is all you need. 2. Potato wedges and chicken wings.

This is a light but very filling meal because of how much protein and carbohydrates are packed inside the food. You can serve this with your favorite store bought of homemade dipping sause. Also, if you feel it's a bit short, you're free to add some bread, rice, rolls or pap with it.

3. Home made dagwood.

Our favourite. I'm obsessed with these. The nice thing about making your favourite takeaway food at home is you know how clean it was when you prepared it. Also, you can add as many extras as you like.4. Seven colours or serve in colours.

Whatever it's called... a rainbow plate even haha. A perfect Sunday meal that never goes out of style. You can add or remove a side to your heart's contention. 5. Pie chips and salad.

Now, pie, pizzas and burgers aren't filling if you have a bit of it. If you add chips and Greek salad then you're making a full meal out of it.6. Samp, sides and stew.

Another South African favourite.

The samp can be plain or creamy depending on what you like. If you make your samp plain then consider serving it with chutney and a bit of chilli spice.

7. Chicken, Greek salad, potato wedges and grilled carrots. This is another meal that feels like a take away. Your loved ones are guaranteed to love this simple delicious meal that won't take you time to prepare.

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