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I Found Condoms Under Her Pillows And She Said She Rubs Her Weaves With Them To Make Hair Straight

Hi Auntie Mo and cousins. A quick one, does rubbing condom on a weave straighten it? I found condoms under my girlfriend's pillow and she told me she rubs her weaves with condoms to make the hair straighter. Is it true? Me and her don't use protection.

Yes it does i have natural straight hair and it makes my hair shinny and looking healthy my one cousin told me about it and it actually worked was just scared my husband find it . And think what you thinking at this moment.

Women never lied my guy, don't hesitate to believe whatever they tell you mine use to go out from Friday till Sunday I never questioned her cos I already know the answer that she's is always hanging out with her friends.

How could you not trust her like that.. Just for asking such you should be buying her more condoms for her hair. It works better than serum(oil). It gives it that shinny look as well.

Ladies and gentleman, this is what women are up to lately, they are sure that the oil that is found in the pack of condoms can make your weaves straight, it is also claimed that they can make your hair soft, so how about all ladies go and collect all these free condoms and maintain their weaves free of charge than going to the salon and paying a fortune, in these trying times we need to save a lot of money so maintaining weaves at a salon has to be one of the cost cut in the household budget, with that money you can try and do something productive, as funny as this may sound, so many ladies swear by this, or is it one of the ways of trying to outplay their men, we are not laughing but here is the plug ladies, men out there please do not think your women are cheating, they are simply trying to take care of their weaves

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