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Top 3 stores in South Africa that have quality clothing.

Clothing is seen as an essential part of our lives, you can not just wake up in the morning and walk the streets naked right, we need clothing. Clothes are also an investment, it's just that most people do not realize this. Buying quality clothes will save you a lot of money, in a way that you will not have to buy clothing every month because they keep tearing up or the colors keep wearing off.

If you live in South Africa, then you are in luck because South Africa has stores that have quality clothing. Most of you reading this article probably already have an idea of which stores we are going to include in this article.

1. Sportscene.

The first store that sells good, quality clothing has to be Sportscene. Sportscene has some of the most well-known brands across Africa and the globe. If you are a fan of labels such as Adidas and Nike, or you just like local brands such as Redbat then Sportscene is exactly the store you should be buying from.

Sportscene is also known for keeping up with the current trends in fashion which have helped them become one of South Africa's most popular clothing retail stores.

2. Markham's.

Markham is my personal favorite, they have some of the trendiest clothing that you'll only find from them or a few retail stores in South Africa. The best part about Markham is that they even have high-end brands like G-star Raw, which is one brand that is well known for its quality.

Markham is also known for its accessories such as watches, glasses, belts, hats, etc. This store is loved among South Africans because of its quality and affordability.

3. Studio 88.

The third and final store you should check out is studio 88. For as long as I can remember, I have been buying my sneakers from studio 88 and they sure do know how to sell good-looking sneakers. Although Studio 88 is a little high-end when it comes to prices, compared to the first two that I mentioned, it still pays attention to quality rather than quantity.

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