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A Lady Caused A Stir on Social Media After Going to Work Wearing This Dress, See Comments.


Not every workplace has a set dressing code. There are some jobs where you can just wear whatever you want as long as you look presentable. For example, teachers don’t have a set uniform that they should wear like this, but due to the nature of their career and what they do, they know they have to dress appropriately so that even learners can respect and look up to them.


Not only in the workplace, there are some fashion trends that you just have to admire on celebrities and on the screens. This thing of seeing a beautiful outfit worn by a celebrity and deciding to buy it will deceive you. One more thing that you should consider when choosing clothes is your age. There are sim fashion trends that you should accept that are for kids. As an elderly person, you must look presentable.



Talking about dress codes, a lady caused a stir on social media after posting a photo of the dress she was wearing to work. The dress is so open in a way that it reveals her inner body. See the photo below:


She posted this photo with a caption: "Heading to work, how do I look?" After posting this photo, many people showed their dissatisfaction and threw some disturbing comments at her. Some even went on to say that maybe she is selling her body because the dress reveals everything. See some comments below:



Maybe the lady’s job requires her to wear such clothes. For example, most ladies who work at bars are advised to wear revealing clothes so that they can attract men to buy more. What are your thoughts on this dress? Would you let your wife go to work wearing it? Would you wear it to work, ladies?Comment below.

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