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DIY Natural Hair Gel with Gelatin – Frugal and Easy

A super easy and frugal recipe for homemade hair gel that really works! It only uses two ingredients, with an optional third one. It’s also non-toxic and natural!

It’s super duper cheap. Literally, pennies per batch. There are 96 teaspoons in this bottle of gelatin, and we’re only using 1/2 tsp. per batch. That’s 10 cents per batch!

The essential oils I use are lavender and peppermint or orange, lavender and rosemary. So I get whiffs of the scent all day long and it’s so nice! (where to buy high quality essential oils)

It’s easy to make.

It’s totally safe and natural.


Light hold: 1/2 tsp. grassfed gelatin

Medium hold: 3/4 tsp. grassfed gelatin

Strong hold: 1 tsp. grassfed gelatin

1 cup hot water

Optional for fragrance – 10 drops of your favorite essential oils. For hair, mine are lavender, rosemary, sweet orange, and peppermint. (where to buy high quality essential oils)

Glass jar (like an 8 ounce mason jar) or squirt bottle

Optional: for additional moisture, add some vegetable glycerine or pure aloe vera gel


Pour the hot water into an 8 ounce container (but not plastic just yet since it’s so hot!) and pour in the gelatin. Stir to combine then refrigerate for 3-4 hours or until set. Drop the essential oils in once cooled and stir.

Store in the fridge and it lasts for 1-2 weeks. I find it’s easiest to use with a squirt bottle or else it gets messy. It’s jello for your hair, who would’ve thought?!

Content created and supplied by: Shanelize (via Opera News )

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