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Skin Care

Mixed Reactions As Pictures Of A Black Lady Resurfaces on Internet

This melanin is certainly a miracle worker. The melanocytes, which are found just below the surface of our skin's outer layer, give us a buoyant, young glow while also providing us with an extra layer of protection from the sun's destructive rays.

No matter what the setting or circumstance, black women may find their groove. Having the capacity to bend and adapt to our environment is a tremendous asset.

We've all heard the expression "black is beautiful," which we're sure you've heard before.

Occasionally, you'll come across folks with dark complexion who appear to be even more attractive than those with lighter skin. Given that one's skin tone and color are a gift from God, it is appropriate to value and respect them.

But the photographs of the lady have gotten a lot of people talking on the internet! Numerous people have voiced their opinions about her skin tone.

According to the comments left on this lady's photos, the common phrase "Black is beautiful" has been shown to be erroneous and invalid by her photographs..

It was stated by the majority of those who commented on the photo that this isn't the gorgeous black to which the proverb refers.

In addition, another commenter on the photo remarked that not all black people are attractive, and so on.

Look at what others have to say about it.

Do you still believe that "black is beautiful" after taking a peek at this lady's photos? To this, what can you add? Fill in the blanks with your thoughts and opinions.

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