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Former Miss SA Shudufhadzo Musida speaks her heart out

Source: MSN

Almost a year ago, Shudufhadzo Musida was the newly crowned Miss SA and is still thinking about the challenges that Covid19 would bring to her role. 

“I was incredulous, but as the months went by she knew why she had to be Miss SA during this time. He knew she needed to talk about mental health. I became more confident in what I was doing and why and what my goal was. Now that I hand over the crown, I know that I have fulfilled my purpose and there is no better feeling than that. " 

Musida, 25, comes from the village of HaMasia in Limpopo. He moved to Joburg for part of his high school education and enrolled at Bryanston High School. 

Known to her friends as Shudu, she presented her crown to her successor, Lalela Mswane, during the final of the Miss SA 2021 pageant on Saturday. She 

She was wearing a dress specially designed for the occasion by GertJohan Coetzee. She says the dress is a true representation of her rule and who she is, and also "the beginning of something great." 

Musida says that instead of tarnishing her year, Covid19 put more pressure on her as her manager because she is "committed to freedom of action." 

"[That is] adapting to the situations around us to make the world a better place. Therefore, work should never stop just because we feel that the world has stopped. We all have a responsibility to exercise our ability to act. and be in like we did in Covid19. ”

During her time as Miss SA, Musida completed her awards in international relations at Wits University and also wrote a book. Shudu Finds Her Magic is a children's book about her experiences with bullying as a child 

“My mandate, when I became Miss SA, I was mentally healthy. We have to strengthen people's minds so that they can overcome themselves and have enough strength to face the situation we are currently facing, ”says Musida. "I think [Team Miss SA] did the necessary work to empower people." 

Musida believes that the mind is the most important tool for empowerment, and her book targets children's mental health. She also complements her Mindful Mondays online initiative in collaboration with SA Depression and Anxiety Group. 

“It was important to completely destigmatize mental health, which was the goal of the book. So we focus on children because it's time to give them a seat at the table [on] important social issues like mental health. " She values ​​education because her grandparents cared that they couldn't get an education. 

“They wanted to strengthen us with education because they knew that this was the key to our economic, physical and mental strength. Without education, I would not be here today. Musida is now looking forward to the next Miss World in December. 

“This is a very important platform for me because the essence of who I am is the desire to lead a life of service. The cornerstone of Miss World is "Beauty with a Purpose" which I think I stand for. So I am very excited. " her advice to Mswane is to "be yourself" and work as hard as you can. 

“The platform amplifies your voice. As long as you have the platform, the work you are doing is absolutely amazing and it is expanding for the world. So be authentic when you're there, but work really hard and make your own place at the table. "

Reigning Miss Universe Zozibini Tunzi inspired Musida to enter the Miss SA pageant" because of her grace and ability to make a statement without using your voice ”.

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