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Passion Twists Hairstyles For Women To Try In 2022

Passion twist braids are the newest trend in two-strand twist styling. They were designed by Kailyn Rogers, commonly known as BohoBabe, a Miami hairstylist, in 2018. Passion was the name she gave to her mother. You've probably seen them all over social media because they're incredible and have numerous advantages

They are a method of protecting your hair while enabling it to grow. This look may be worn short, medium, or long, with various updos or downdos, and it is also water-friendly. Because you can go swimming or wash your hair, it's excellent for summer. Continue reading to be inspired as you learn everything there is to know about this fashionable style and how to maintain it.

The hairstyle is evident for African American women, and they will continue to experiment with different African braided hairstyles. Straight haircuts are no longer their preferred style; instead, they choose passion twist braids. This style takes a long time to do, so make sure your hair is in good condition before you start.

The most delightful aspect of this style is how long the passion twist braided hairstyle lasts. The hairdo can be worn for a week or longer. You may also find several self-help videos on the internet to guide you through the hairstyle's tips.

The answer, like all haircuts, may vary depending on how much you care about it. They can last up to eight weeks if properly cared for. If you get the touch, you might be able to get them to last a little longer; but, for the quality of your natural hair, it's best not to wear passion swings for more than 12 weeks.

It's a good idea to put some music on the passion swings once they've been installed to assist the hair set. In addition, use a leave-in conditioner on a daily basis to help hydrate the roots and care for your natural hair.

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