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A certain boots goes viral after a man posted wearing it on social media.

A mans shoe which goes viral. 

Sometimes people tend to not having enough money to buy their needs but some do, They can’t afford basic needs such as food and also electricity they tends to say that they are asking for anything you can donate or you are willing to give them since they do not have anything. 

Some even live on the streets because pf the same reason that they can’t afford lives, 

However just want to trend and they have made it clearly a norm that they want to trend they want to be all over social media, because of how they wear in which they says that they call it a drip, 

This shoe went viral because it was heaving something which can hurt you if they move next you is like it can pierces you a bit because of how it was designed but people thought that maybe he made those designs or he bought it like this 

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