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3 Best Ways to Pose Women in a Skirt or Dress for Portraits

It may seem simple to present women in a dress or skirt for pictures, but it is naturally more complicated than you suspect. So it is not difficult to make a mistake that can bring an unusual gift and an ugly photo.

This is obviously not something you need. To help you avoid potential presentation flaws, take a look at the instructional tutorial where representative Jessica Whitaker shares what she calls "the three most ideal ways to present ladies in a skirt or dress.

"In this video, I'll show you the flaws when your model wears a dress or skirt, and how to fix it to be the most praiseworthy and comprehensive look," Whitaker said. "In addition, your customer will appreciate their photos."

Whitaker's seated presentation tips start with the approximately 1:30-minute feature of the video below, if you want to go through the supported part of the cover.

Presentation error №1: Catch the dress

"Assuming you're talking about a topic and I'm going to take your clothes and play with them, they're probably going to do it where they're out," Whitaker explains. "It's either really close, or a little twisted. Anyway, it doesn't look unusual. All you have to say is inflate the dress from the back with your fingertips.

Presentation error №2: No form

"You can tell your client, put your hand on your brain and then look at me and smile. It looks good, but does everyone get over this photo a second time on the road? No. Everything has to be taken into account. One step forward and we will create a beautiful shape.

Presentation error №3: Walking photos

"Assuming you're telling your client, I'll ask you to come to me, they'll probably walk like that, it's very regular. It looks good, but we can take it one step further where it gives us everything. We need it. Stress and bend as much as we can." .


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