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OPINION| Since When Does Public Displays of Nakedness Equal to Confidence or Positive Self Esteem ?

I love lizzo and her confidence but I didn't like that outfit, first have some respect for yourself and scond everything you wear don't have to be provocative. Third there are clothes for plus size people that is classy and sexy, there are some clothes that don't look right on plus size people and I mean that in the most respectful way. Since when does public displays of nakedness equal confidence or positive self esteem? You can be fully clothed and be beautiful, classy and confident while maintaining your self respect at any size. A beautiful woman doesn't have to dress like this no matter what size they are, just making yourself look cheap

I must say you are a beautiful woman just know that beauty comes in all colour, shape, and size. That’s a little too extra you don’t need to show the world your body to be accepted. As long as you love yourself, that’s all that matters. I think whether she is big or small it's about respecting your body or your self. You can be confident in the skin your in without showing all your assets, I would say the same thing if a small woman was showing her body. My opinion it is not lady like but to each their own I just wouldn't do it.

If she wants people to respect her then she should have some self respect for herself, but when she does something stupid like that she going to be the bud of jokes, think of the consequences. When you wear things like this it's to get attention, period. Oh look at me but don't look at me. Big or small, people are going to notice and state their opinion, that's life. In my opinion she needs to wear more appropriate looking clothes instead of looking like a sideshow, and then having the temerity to whine about critics of her outfits she needs to grow up

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