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Celebrity tricks that makes their skin glow that you can try on your skin

Chief operations officer at, shares makeup trends experimented with by this Bollywood divas, throughout 2021, for inspiration. While some stuck to the classics, what does mixed up. Let's take a look at tricks tricks, according to IOL.

The classic Red lips

The right way to achieve this celebrity look is to focus on accentuating your lips and keeping the rest of the face minimal. Give your lips a good scrub plump them, moisturise, and follow it up with a red lip liner to define the shape of your lips. According to her, now go on with the perfect shade of red, and finish your look with a slick of eyeliner, and minimal concealer and foundation.

No makeup look

According to the publication, Deepika Padukone is the perfect example of a no makeup look. In order to look this way, start with a concealer and use small dots to brighten your dagger areas, like the corner of the nose, or upper lip, and invisible sports, and set it up with a loose powder. Apply a soft pink lipstick, light blush, and mascara.

Rosy Look

With this we are focusing on only one shade, this looks pretty easy to achieve. Bring out your favourite pink lipstick, favourite pink blush, and a matching shade of eyeshadow. Then you have to start with this place - concealer and foundation, and set it up with loose powder, follow it up with eyeshadow, lipstick and blush. Don't forget to draw a line by not using any pink mascara, eyeliner, or bold shade of lipstick, as this is meant to be soft on the eyes.

Glass skin makeup

This one is inspired by a Korean skin care. And this look is slightly complex with an equal focus on skin before makeup, so slather on does moisturising serum and cream to bring on does moisturising serum to prep your skin first. You gonna have to start with a highlighting premier, keep your foundation or concealer minimal to avoid looking cakey. Follow it up with soft blush and n*de lips, a lot of highlighter. You have to use the highlighter on the main points of your face like upper cheekbones, the centre of the forehead, the tip of the nose, cupid bone, and chin. If you want to you can put some on your shoulder and collarbone SD celebrity makeup look make your skin glow without the need of a spotlight.

Pop It Up

Put some flame into your party look, with the pop of funky colour. This one is meant to get you in the mood of partying all night. This is the base that you must start with - concealer, apply a bit extra on your eyelids to make the colour pop. Don't mind pushing it further and colour blocking your eyes, with complementary colours on your eyelids and under the eye. Apply nude lipstick and a soft plush to balance your look.

These celebrity tricks can make your skin glow, don't hesitate to try them and see your skin lol like those of the celebrities.

Source: IOL: News24

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