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Skin Care

Ways To Reduce Pimples.

Although this may be tempting, it is best not to get acne. When you squeeze acne, bacteria will spread to other parts of your face and cause acne scars. 

Have a skin routine

One of the best home remedies for pimples is to establish and adhere to a good skin care routine. Look for oil-free cleansing products that will not clog pores. Your doctor may also recommend topical medications.

Rest well

Lack of sleep reduces the efficiency of your immune system and makes it easier for bacteria to grow in clogged pores. This means that acne also takes longer to heal. It is generally believed that adequate sleep helps prevent stress. When under stress, the body increases the production of glucocorticoids (steroid hormones). An increase in this hormone will make your acne worse.

Protect Against Sun

Many people think that the sun will dry out the spots, but this is not the case. In fact, high temperature and thick sunscreen will increase oil secretion and cause more pimples. Try to stay in the shade during the hottest part of the day (11 am to 3 pm). You should also choose oil-free, high SPF sunscreens to keep your skin hydrated and protected.

Remove Make Up

If you break out, heavy foundation and powder will clog your pores. This will make your acne worse and take longer to recover. Use a mild cleanser to remove makeup every night and let your skin breathe.

Have Clean Hair

The oil from the hair will transfer to the skin and clog the pores. Wash your hair regularly to avoid excess oil and dirt.

Acne is a common problem. Getting enough sleep and developing good skin care habits are the two easiest ways to prevent acne.




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