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In pictures|Gays that are popular and rich in South Africa.

Haircuts are not prescriptive to sexual personality (obviously). Few out of every odd gay individual puts on a weave or dye their hair and only one out of every odd lesbian has an undermined, yet they do seem to frame part of the new queer semiotics. Make up and weaves are for everybody, circumstances are different and presently individuals of all sexes are embrassing the ceremonies of magnificence. Here are gay famous people who embrace both the male and female excellence simultaneously. 

The media character, choreographer, gourmet specialist and money manager is somebody who preferences looking great. Somizi consistently need to say something in pretty much all that he does. His outfits, vehicles and houses shouts consideration as is his character. Somizi additionally ensures his look is on point including his hair, cosmetics particularly the eyebrows and nails are great overall. 

The artist and blogger has opened up about getting a charge out of to spruce up in females 's garments. Truly he generally kills the look and looks exceptionally lovely. He likewise gets criticed by haters with some advising him to eliminate his facial hair or stop yet he actually proceeds gladly. He'll spruce up, put on cosmetics or the weave and still keep the facial hair. 

The joke artist and YouTuber has a ton of ladies crying and asking where he purchases his weaves since they are quite a decent quality. A few people even took to Twitter to ask him too on the grounds that they needed to purchase for their ladies. Lasizwe has not actually reacted to the majority of the post with respect to his hair and it appears as though he presumably appreciates killing alone. He is still somebody who embrace both male and female marvels by keeping his facial hair and still wear his hair and make up. 

The style creator is somebody who consistently make others look great however he never disregards himself as his hair and a tad of cosmetics are consistently on the money.


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Somizi South Africa


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