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Hair Health

Is your hair changing its texture? This could be the reason.

Having hair problems can be stressful, growing up I have seen my hair change its texture, and I always thought many I inherit it from my family. 

If you are also struggling with your hair then this article is for you, just like our skin changes according to age, genes, and a healthy diet so is our hair, the most thing that damages hair more is the chemicals that we use.

Coloring hair can cause it to be weak also if you use too many hot tools like hairdryers and iron that can also affect the hair, your hair is precious and needs to be taken care of.

As much as you take care of your health that is what it needs every once in a while good for the salon to get professional advice, and don't forget that trimming the hair is also important as the damaged hair will move to make room for it is the new hair to grow.

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