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South Africans Were Left In Awe After Seeing What A Make Up Artist Did To Makhadzi’s Face

A young make up artist left a lot of South Africans mesmerized by the amazing work she did as Makhadzi’s make up artist.

It is a known fact that Covid-19 seriously affected a lot of entrepreneurs, mostly those in the beauty and entertainment industry. We've seen a lot of people complaining and pointing fingers at how the government is failing to offer some kind of relief. With suspension of events came frustration due to loses in profit.

The opening of events brought some hope though a lot still felt it's difficult or close to impossible to bounce back. We saw a local make up artist who's confident in her work stand up for herself and make a name for herself overnight. This is not luck, it's bravery, confidence and desire to penetrate the international market. When she got the opportunity our artist just delivered. No other make up artist has done Makhazi's face justice I have to say. Bobo did it, so natural and beautiful.

A lot of people took to Bobo’s comments section and prayed that God opens more doors for her, nationally and internationally.

Entrepreneurs have a lot to learn from BOBO. Taking a leap of faith instead of waiting for an opportunity to present itself. Then delivering exactly what she promised and more. I wish everyone could start today to be bold in their approach, kick doors open and stop waiting to be fed. A lot of us just sing support local, no one should support you just because you are a Motswana but because of how you position yourself in the market. Be the best in everything you do, start rebranding now. Yes treat yourself as a brand, no one owes you support, go out there and deliver exceptional service.

Everyone in the comments section could agree that Makhadzi should hire Bobo to be her personal make up artist.

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