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Take A Break From Braids With This Ultra STYLISH Hairdo For Ladies With VERY Short Hair

Image Source: YouTube

Ladies, we're always looking for that hairstyle that will last long and look good every day that we wear it. For those with very short natural hair, the difficulties of finding a suitable day-to-day hairdo are many!

I'm here to tell you about a classical, old-school hairstyle that has been admired by black women since the 1920s for its "aura of sophistication and grace". Finger waves always exude a look of high fashion with old world charm.

Finger waves are so-called because the hairstylist uses a number of products and tools, along with their fingers to achieve the distinctive wavy pattern. Of course, when it comes to trying out a new hairstyle you should probably begin with a consultation at your haircare salon. If you're going to be attempting the hairstyle yourself, then be prepared with all the necessary goodies you'll need.

According to Cosmopolitan, you can start customizing your finger waves for your specific hair length once you have a good grasp of all the processes and techniques by making a few adjustments. For the purposes of this article, the finger wave hairstyle is recommended for those with hair shorter than 10 centimeters, who often struggle with finding pretty hair styles.

You can get this professional-looking look at home - heres how.

From watching several YouTube tutorials, the best method is to start with relaxed or straightened hair, which should then be washed.

Apply a second coating of shampoo but do not rinse it out. Comb your hair straight while it is still wet with and foaming with shampoo.

Next, you should smooth styling gel or styling mousse over your flattened hair, but be careful not to let it get too dry. If it does, spray it with water to achieve the desired result. Once you've covered it with gel, part your hair in the way you want the style to look and comb it into place again.

YouTuber Cydnee Black and blogger Carol's Daughter both advise that you aim to "make a C-shape" when combing your still wet hair into the waves.

"Starting on one side (doesn't really matter which one), press your finger against your head and alongside your part. With the other hand, use a comb to push the hair forward to create a curve or a "C" shape. Repeat this as many times as you need to get the section perfectly smooth before moving to the one," writes Carol's Daughter.

You can create finger waves only on the front half and sides of your hair for ease, or you can tackle the back for the full glam.

To complete the "wave", move your finger carefully over the top of the "C" you just created, and use your comb to push or slide the hair in the opposite direction without disturbing the first shape you created. Now repeat this until you are finished.

This is actually a protective hairstyle and, the closer your hair is to your head, the longer it'll last. Once you've molded all the finger waves and your hair is still wet, spray it with super-hold spray and wrap it gently in a silk scarf. You can also blast the hair quickly with a blow dryer to lock the waves in with heat, but it's not necessary.

Picture from Cosmopolitan - 'the secret ingredients for the perfect finger waves'

Make no mistake, you'll need to try this hairstyle in the mirror a few times before you ace it, so don't worry if you mess up. Fortunately, the style is not expensive if you decide to go to the hair salon because it uses less amounts of hair and product.

Even though it's an old-school hairdo, influences from the 90s have made brighter colours and finger waves a power combo - look at this inspiration below!

Pictures from Google

Even though braided styles still dominate the black hair market, I hope I have shown you that there's room to play even if you have extremely short hair. Also remember that your hair will need to be relaxed or straightened somehow, so if heat and chemicals are not part of your current hair journey, give this one a miss.

This style should last for a week or longer if you give it touch-ups by spraying with water and remaking the C-shapes and waves.

I found Cyndee's video very easy to understand - watch it here: Thanks for reading! Please remember to like this article if you found it useful and leave a comment below. You can share it friends and family if you really loved it!

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