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Summer Is Just Around The Corner, This Is How You Should Rock SHORTS And Look DECENT

Season Summer is the hottest of the four temperate seasons, the earliest sunrise and latest sunset occurs, the days are longest and the nights are shortest, this type of season allows people to go out a lot to enjoy life outdoors, eventually their wardrobe should change too.

Entertainment goes hand-in-hand with fashion, when people are out, they want to get dressed based on the occasion they are attending. There are many activities one can do during summer such as having picnics, visiting zoo or Gold reef city, attending concerts, etc.

It’s the moment we've all been waiting for: SHORT! SEASON! Whether you're pulling those old ones out from the back of your closet or going shopping for some trendy ones, there are a million ways to wear them.

1. If summer is all about splashes of colours, channel that energy in a pair of pink tie-dye shorts, a crop top, and some sneakers.

2. A vintage tee will *not* look cool with a silk short dress and slide-on sneakers. You can even Flex your crafting skills and chop the sleeves off with scissors.

3. Stop hating on classic short skirts. Go for it with this one coloured in lime, a corset, and heels.

4. Neutrals are cool, but a crochet crop top in orange colour is exactly what your go-to shorts or long pants you need this summer.

5. Hot weather means the A.C. is going to be blasting inside. So layer up with a cozy light brown two-piece. Don't forget to bring a mini bag and classic sandals to finish things off.

6. I found the perfect pair of vacation shorts for ya. All you need is a classic collared shirt and you’re ready for drinks on the beach (you know, whenever we can do that again).

7. Stretchy-jersey shorts, paired with an oversized denim jacket and fanny pack, your on-the-go look just go much better.

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