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Still in the heritage month, look at this award deserving traditional outfit: Opinion

It is the heritage day, that is why you see everybody is wearing traditional costume just to be relevant tobthis day, just to remember who we are as Africans. Those that like to go nude, they are doing it in a heritage style, or traditional style. Those that like wearing descent, they are doing it in a traditional style, even those that are pastors and so we are all going traditional this day.

We are just supporting this African day, it is a beautiful day. In this way we have to remember our African identity. Some people I know that they have made plans to party, some have made plans to celebrate it their own way, some have chosen this day to have a wedding, or to tie a knot. Some have made use of these day to spend time with their family members.

Heritage day is all about everybody is interpreting it according to their own understanding, as long as it is african. Some are earing traditional meals as true Africans, it is a wonderful day for Africa indeed.

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